Akshara Dasoha employees' pay not enough for decent living: SHRC chief

 Chairman of the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission  S R Nayak speaking to Akshara Dasoha employees during the state convention at Shikshakara Sadana in Bangalore. DH Photo

At a state-level discussion organised by Akshara Dasoha employees, Justice Nayak said that providing all basic facilities to the Akshara Dasoha employees is the government’s duty.
He said midday meals is the only way to ensure education of underprivileged children. Iskcon should focus on providing nutritious food and not pave way for discrimination by not adding garlic and onions in the meals. In a democratic country, every person has the right to have healthy nutritious food. Care should be taken that in name of caste and religion, children are not deprived of good nutritious food, he added.

GV Sriramareddy, former minister, said that the corporate and IT companies have spearheaded the nation in information technology development, but that has not made an impact on the underprivileged section of the society.

Legislator D K Shiva Kumar, demanded the appointment of a state-level administrator to monitor mid-day meals schemes.

He said that the total revenue and expenditure of the midday meals scheme has to be made known through a transparent process.

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