Public awareness of diabetes through Ramlila

Public awareness of diabetes through Ramlila

People visiting Ramlila performances in the city will also be made aware of diabetes. A joint venture by Ramlila Maha Sangh of Delhi in partnership with Sanofi Diabetes Blue Fortnight have started a 10-day campaign ‘Diabetes Ke Complications Ka Raavan Jalao’ from Tuesday to spread awareness.

“We record about 5,000-7,000 footfall at each of the 1,100 venues across the city where Ramlila performances are organised. So we will be reaching out to a lot of people,” said Mahendra Nagpal, Ramlila Maha Sangh’s general secretary.

According to Nagpal, the campaign will involve educating people through tips on prevention, diagnosis and management of the diabetes condition.

“Messages will be disseminated via public address systems at venues and through posters and hoardings,” he said.

As part of the campaign, the public will also be asked to light blue lights during Diwali. Presently, about one-third of Delhi’s population is diagnosed with diabetes. Experts also fear the actual number to be much higher as about 70 per cent of diabetics in India have not been diagnosed yet .

“Education about warning symptoms, extent of risk factors related to the disease, importance of regular monitoring in diagnosed patients and other related issues need to be accorded top priority. Public campaigns are needed to bridge this gap,” said Fortis chairman Anoop Misra from Centre for Excellence for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases.
World Diabetes Day is on November 14.