Instant money and fame has spoilt Indian cricketers: Pataudi

Instant money and fame has spoilt Indian cricketers: Pataudi

Pataudi said barring a very few players, like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, easy money and fame has become distractions for most cricketers, especially youngsters, and affected their attitude towards the game. "It (money and fame) has certainly distracted them. In fact many of them are not committed to the extent they should be. The name and fame they are getting has spoilt them and temptation is much more now than they were in my time," Pataudi said. Pataudi was, however, quick to add that it all depends on the individual cricketer how they adjust to the fame and fortune they earned from the game.

"I think all these depend on the individuals. Some are carried away by the fame and fortune and some don't. Take the example of Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. They remained as committed as when they started. "There are one or two players whom I don't wish to name who have been affected and lost out. They have failed to adjust this new fame and fortune," Pataudi said. One of the most charismatic players of his era, Pataudi said young cricketers need guidance from BCCI on how not to get affected by instant name and money.

"When we talk about earning money and fame so early, BCCI should look into this angle and have the kind of symposium to teach people how to deal with this early fame and fortune and visibility. That's the role of BCCI. If parents can't do it, schools can't do it, BCCI should do it," Pataudi said. "When you are young and from a humble background and you suddenly end up making a lot of money, how do you deal with such kind of a situation? It's not easy for a young Indian cricketer," he said.

Pataudi blamed outside pressure for the lack of mental toughness among current cricketers and squarely blamed the media for making them an instant celebrity by giving unwarranted attention to them. "It has a lot to do with outside pressure, especially media visibility or the other kind of temptations. Some of them are not that bad but then the players are not used to that, especially instant money and fame," he said.

"They don't know what to do with the kind of attention, kind of fame and fortune they have suddenly gathered in a very short span of time especially when they are not used  to it. It (the attention) is bound to effect their concentration as they become little flustered by all this," he added. Asked whether the attitude and performance of Indian cricketers would improve if people start paying less attention towards them, Pataudi said, "I suspect yes. Don't be so adoring and that too so quickly."