All about reading right

All about reading right

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Engrossed: Youngsters enjoy a good read.

Everybody agrees that books are great companions. They help us break the monotony of life and open up a new world. But are the youngsters reading enough or are they moving away from literature?

Ajay, a fourth-year student of tele-communication, likes to read spiritual books.
He adores Dayananda Saraswathi for his commendable contribution to the world of spirituality.

He is impressed by the interpretation of Geetha and is now reading The Essence of Bhagavad Geetha.

He feels that the book contains excellent interpretation of Geetha.

Ajay has a varied collection of books. He says, “It is true that today’s youth is not interested in books. But if we don’t read books, we are the ones who will lose out. We can neither build up a vocabulary nor improve our language skills unless we cultivate the reading habit.”

Karthik, a civil engineering student at RV College of Engineering, likes to read adventurous books. William Price’s Adventure series are his all-time favourite.

“The book is published in 14 series and I have read as many as 10 volumes. The story is all about the thrilling venture of two teenage zoologists who travel around the world capturing exotic and dangerous animals for their father’s wildlife collection. The novel is exciting and full of adventure stories. We can gain more knowledge about wild animals and their behaviour. His series include Amazon Adventure, Underwater Adventure, Volcano Adventure, Arctic Adventure and many more,” he says. 

Poorna Chandra and Arpan, both vote for Kane and Abel, written by Jeffrey Archer. “The book tells the stories of two men, Kane and Abel, who are born worlds apart. They have nothing in common except the same date of birth and the zeal to succeed in life. The story moves in a funny way and it is really enjoyable,” Arpan says.

Dileep, an engineering student, chooses The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons of Dan Brown as his favourite books.

“This American author is my all-time favourite and he has the skill to include historical themes and Christianity as recurring motifs. Hence, he generates curiosity as well as controversy,” he notes.

Angels and Demons is also a hot favourite of Diana Ruzario.

She says, “I read more of fictitious books. But Angels and Demons is a mystery thriller and encompasses details on ancient history, architecture and symbolism.”

For Shreya, it is Kite Runner, a novel by Khaled Hosseini, which created in her an interest in literature. She says, “I wish to read more of realistic books rather than fictitious novels. Hence, the debut work of Hosseini, Kite Runner grabbed my attention.”

Sherlie enjoys reading Of Human Bondage and its author Somerset Maugham is her favourite. She feels that it is his masterpiece. Sherlie is of the opinion that students prefer to read online edition of books these days rather than purchasing
a hard copy.

“I always have a fascination towards newly launched books and like to read them
in any form, hard copy or soft copy.”

“Most of my friends prefer reading online editions for latest releases. The degree of
interest towards books changes from person to person, hence we can’t generalise,” she says.

 To sum up, there are some youngsters who still pursue the reading habit and enjoy the company of literature greatly.