'I don't want to be the pickle'

'I don't want to be the pickle'

Ambitious Actress

She got the perfect launch pad through Upendra’s ‘Godfather’ but it wasn’t an easy journey for Soundarya. Despite being the daughter of veteran actress Jayamala, this feisty young actress says that she wants to make it big on her own talent.

Star kid: Soundarya

The response she got for the movie was tremendous and though she is yet to sign her next venture, Soundarya says that she can’t wait to face the screen again.

There were reports of Soundarya making her debut in the Telugu film industry but she immediately dismisses them.

“There was a lot of confusion. I did take up that project but then, due to some issue, that movie was never made,” she states.  

Interestingly, acting was never on her mind. “I think I was always running away from reality. I remember I used to ridicule my mother about movies.

I thought all that an actor did was put on make-up, stand before the camera and say a few lines. It was only when I started acting that I realised that he or she literally gives his or her blood, sweat and tears to every role,” she adds.

Being a star kid, there are always advantages as well as disadvantages. But one thing Soundarya makes very clear is that nothing really comes on a silver platter for them. “It’s very wrong to think that we have it easy.

We actually have a lot more to lose than other newcomers because there is always this comparison with our parent. Also, we have to live up to the reputation that our parent has built. So no matter where we are, we are always under the scanner,” she adds.

Ask her what has she learnt from her mother and Soundarya says, “I have always admired her for one thing — no matter what the situation, my mother is so calm, composed and relaxed. That’s something I want to imbibe as well.”

As of now, the actress says that she is taking a break and needs more time before she can take up her next project. “I don’t want to be just the pickle, I want to be the entire main course. That’s why I am waiting for a really good movie to come along,” she signs off.

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