Development of double road: A distant dream for Ch' nagar ?

Development of double road: A distant dream for Ch' nagar ?

Pedestrians and vehicle users on B Rachaiah double road face problems everyday.
A series of accidents take place as the damaged footpath stretch from Bhuvaneshwari Circle to Ramasamudra force pedestrians to walk on the road itself.

The pavement, for almost four kilometres, remains damaged posing a danger for people to walk, which directly affects smooth flow of vehicular traffic.

A water supply pipeline passes right through the middle of the road and is often subject to repairs with heavy vehicular traffic. The underground drainage system, which has been launched recently in the city, cannot be implemented on the double road, as it has no space reserved for the concept.

The stretch of the 460-mt road from KEB sub-division office to police superintendent’s office is sloppy due to which water gushes in when it rains, creating a flood-like situation.
The open drainage system also poses a threat of epidemic. The frequent digging of the road for water and power supply projects adds to the danger of accidents. On the other hand, regular maintenance of the road is not at all considered.

The state go vernment had sanctioned Rs 12 crore to the City Municipal Council (CMC) last year, which was reserved for development for the double road. But, due to lack of coordination between officials, representatives and departments concerned, the funds had been diverted to Chamaraja constituency of Mysore.

It is regretful that the authorities concerned have not taken any measures, despite frequent mishaps and other problems created due to the dilapidated road and its system.

Funds earmarked

The district administration has prepared a proposal for widening of the double road. To shift the water supply pipeline, Rs 2.80 crore, light poles and UG cables Rs 50 lakh and clearing illegal compounds Rs five lakh has been set aside.

Projects at an estimated cost of Rs 9.90 crore has also been prepared for new roads, side drains, cable duct, pedestrians pavement for the next 15 years. The dream would come true only if the state government releases the funds alloted for development.

A driver, Parashiva Murthy insists that the road be repaired as soon as possible as all prominent locations are on the road.

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