Vettel rubbishes Ferrari rumours

Vettel rubbishes Ferrari rumours

Fresh from winning his fifth race of the season and his second at the Buddh International Circuit, Sebastian Vettel was in no mood to think or talk about where his future was headed when asked about his potential move to Ferrari for the 2014 season.

The Italian outfit has retained an under-fire Felipe Massa for the 2013 season but according to reports, that is just a stop-gap measure before they welcome the German in 2014."

“This could be quite funny, what I say… No, there’s nothing, nothing to tell you, nothing I have signed,” said Vettel. “It’s quite amusing. I don’t know where it came from but... I don’t read much, so it’s quite a surprise when you get to the circuit and get all these questions. I’m afraid, there is nothing to report. As I said, I cannot be happier at the moment.”

Further explaining, the two-time champion said after a brief pause: “There is actually one thing I would like to say about this. As I said, there is no reason to write anything or report anything but obviously, as I said earlier, you don’t know every single one in the team, and it’s hard to speak to every single one, so if there’s – sorry to say -- some bull**** in the press, obviously there might be some concerns back at the factory, but I am hundred percent behind them as I feel they’re a hundred percent behind me. I want to get this straight: there is nothing to report and I’m very happy at Red Bull Racing.”

While Vettel was busy warding off rumours, Fernando Alonso held on to his strong belief that he will win this year’s title. “Of course,” said Alonso when asked about his chances.

“We know that there were still 100 points yesterday and now 75 points (available). We are 13 points behind. We know we need to improve because we are not fast enough…
especially on Saturdays.

As I said we can hopefully improve the situation in Abu Dhabi or in the USA. We saw today with Mark (Webber), a KERS problem can happen to anyone. It can happen to Seb, it can happen to me. Still many points on the table and I’m still very optimistic,” he remarked.