Pay 50 to bypass queue at UK airport

Pay 50 to bypass queue at UK airport

Luton and Liverpool airports already allow passengers to jump the security queue if they pay extra when leaving the country, The Daily Telegraph reported on Monday.
British Airways announced last week that customers must pay to choose their seats 24 hours ahead of travel.

The new system at immigration will allow those who pay the charge of up to £50 to use a fast gate.

The hi-tech gates are being installed to read new biometric passports, which have chips containing details of the distances between a person’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
However, at present only 19.7 million Britons have the new passports, which were introduced in March 2006.

These people will be able to use the scheme free of charge, as will EU nationals with biometric travel documents.

The fast-track subscription programme will be offered to about 28 million people in Britain without biometric passports.

The scheme will also be made available to “trusted travellers” from outside the European Union, often business executives.

It is designated to contribute towards the £7million needed to pay for extra gates at Heathrow, which are capable of scanning the new biometric passports.