Smart cards to replace driving licences, registration books in Udupi

Smart cards to replace driving licences, registration books in Udupi

All one has to do is just pay Rs 200 and of course you need to have a valid license or should be able to drive to give a driving test to get smart card.
As many as 14 vehicle owners will receive smart card for driving licenses and vehicle registration certificate in Udupi in the next couple of weeks.  Speaking to the Deccan Herald, RTO K N Ramesh said that the cards have been successfully printed and will be delivered to the vehicle owners by the end of next week. The delay in handing over the cards is due to some obstacles in transfer of the records, he said.

The applicants whoever owns vehicles and have applied will be given the smart cards. The issuing of vehicle registration certificate in form of booklet will be discarded, he informed.

LPG kits for auto

To a query on the introduction of LPG kits in auto rickshaws, Ramesh said that there is no mandatory for the autorickshaws with permits, outside the CMC jurisdiction to fit gas kit to their vehicles. But the rickshaws within the city limits must have LPG gas kits as soon as possible.

When asked on the reluctance of the autorickshaw drivers to introduce the kit in their vehicles as the refilling gas station is situated far away from the city, he said “we are enforcing the laws.”  The LPG filling bunk is situated in Udyavar, which is two kilometres away from the City.  He said “henceforth the licenses of the autorickshaws will not be renewed if it is not fitted with the LPG gas kit. Case will be booked against the drivers and the license will be cancelled,” he warned.