A space to prove themselves

A space to prove themselves

Technical Event

The students of Sambhram School of Management recently organised an event, which included a host of technical competitions. The participation was solely from the home college, and over 400 students turned up to try their hand at the various events.

Excited: Students registering for the various events.

Altogether, it quite an exciting time in the college — a mix of fun as well as academics.

The events that were organised all had a technical twist to them — for instance, students were pitted against each other in gaming competitions and asked to come up with a programme on the spot.

Akshatha, who helped organise the fest, explains, “All the registration was on the spot.

The fest was organised completely by the students — we had to hunt for sponsorship which was tough because it was an intra-college fest. We started preparing for the event two months in advance.”

The students had a great time taking part in all the events — in fact, one of them had a not-so-technical twist. Akshatha elaborates, “Normally, we have paper presentations, where students are given technical topics on the spot and have to present a short piece on it.

This time, we decided to ask them to write about current affairs instead — since not many students have a lot of exposure to them, we felt it would be interesting. It was quite a hit.”

The students had to really think on their feet to compete in the various events, since many of them were of the type that don’t allow previous preparation.

The on-the-spot programming competition and web-designing events were quite popular, with participants flocking in to try their hand at them. The overall result, though, was a positive one — the students managed to have a great time.

“These competitions were open to all branches. In fact, we had a lot of viewers coming in to have a look as well. This was less of an event and more of a carnival,” sums up Akshatha.

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