Truths that set you free

Truths that set you free

Truths that set you free

Oh, why let the mind teem with mythical negativities about ourself that make us writhe in the mud of melancholy and mediocrity? Consider this: On my way out, I can’t find the keys.

Hunting for them frantically, I become frustrated, curse my carelessness, kick something, fling down cushions…  Later, I have a cramp in my stomach, a killer headache, high blood pressure… All this because a myth in my mind murmurs, “I lose my temper easily. I’m made that way.”

  Cast out such myths that darken and depress; usher in truths that lighten and gladden your perspective. As Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” The single glorious truth is: ‘I am a divine soul.’

From this seed sprout several saplings that freshen the perspective with their deep beauty, great wisdom, their wide vision. I’ve listed below the myths that we unthinkingly mouth, and make us lead below-par lives; and the truths that we can live by and soar to our deserving heights. Please substitute every limiting truth with a liberating truth.

You’ll be amazed at how worries vanish revealing a constant calm, confident luminosity, how peace suffuses your every moment. If there’s a formula enabling us to rise above a narrow existence, fill our lungs with wholesomeness, drop needless weariness and heavy burdens, it is this…

*Myth 1: It is impossible. Truth: All things are possible. This world has been created to make all things possible.

*Myth 2: It will take too long. Truth: ‘Long’ is relative. I can learn patience and perseverance or be creative and fashion a quicker technique. Either way, I embrace each day with its shining promises and joys.

*Myth 3: My family will oppose me. Truth: Initially, perhaps. Ultimately, they’ll be my biggest supporters.

*Myth 4: I’m not worthy of… Truth: I am worthy as is everybody else.
*Myth 5: It’s the way I’m made. Truth: My true nature is to love, be kind, sincere, encouraging.

*Myth 6: I can’t lose weight. Truth: I can lose weight. I’ve been blessed with a metabolism that is right for my constitution.

*Myth 7: I can’t afford it. Truth: I can afford anything. I’m wealthy.
*Myth 8: No one helps me. Truth: When I help myself, all the help I need will pour in.
*Myth 9: I have a sweet tooth. Truth: Scientifically, there is no ‘sweet tooth’. It’s all in the mind. I crave nothing.

*Myth 10: I never get anything I want. Truth: I am richly content with the positive abundance I’ve been blessed with.
*Myth 11: I’m weak. Truth: I’m strong.
*Myth 12: I’m dumb. Truth: I’m smart. Each of us has different inborn talents.
*Myth 13: I’m getting on. Truth: I’m young. The wise think not in terms of time, but timelessness.

*Myth 14: It’s too massive for me. Truth: When I have the resolve, things will come to me to propel me up the biggest mountain.
*Myth 15: I lack the energy. Truth: I have loads of energy pouring in from the universe. I have to be just open to it.

*Myth 16: It’s genetic. Truth: Divinity is in my genes.
*Myth 17: I’m too busy. Truth: The universe holds eternity for me. I have time.
*Myth 18: I’m frightened. Truth: I fear nothing because I know all things are ultimately taken care of by a higher, wiser, benevolent power.
*Myth 19: I’m not attractive. Truth: I’m radiant, a miracle. It’s said, “To be magnificent, you need not a great arena, but a great heart.”  Yes, I’m magnificent.

(The writers have penned the book ‘Fitness for Life’. )

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