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Today's Letters



It is a bad habit of politicians asking money from the Centre for everything on earth. Is the state so poor that it can’t tackle anything on its own. It has become a fashion to immediately demand money whenever anything happens in the state. Is money the only thing that would solve the problems?

The state leaders never seem to show a positive image by doing some constructive work before demanding money from the Centre. Let better sense prevail on all and start approaching crisis situation with positive attitude instead of demanding money first.

V S Ganeshan

Wasteful survey

This refers to ‘PM may make aerial survey on Oct 6’ (DH, Oct 5). It is well-known that ariel surveys are useless.

The prime minister can rely on reports he receives from the state government authorities and decide on the quantum of relief. The money saved on the ariel survey can be ploughed back to relief funds.

Such ariel surveys become a political gimmick. It is certain that the KPCC president and the working president too would be getting ready to accompany the prime minister on the wasteful survey. The survey would then give them further ammunition to hurl criticism at the state government instead of being constructive.

M V Nahusharaj

Publicity stunt

Spending a day or sharing food with Dalits on a day or two by Rahul Gandhi and his followers is nothing but a publicity stunt to garner their votes in elections. They get lot of publicty through the media at the expense of poor Dalits whose conditions including that of Kalavathi as pointed out by Rahul in Parliament have not improved all these 60 years. Congresmen should introspect why inspite of the Congress having ruled this country for maximum number of years, they are facing horrible conditions. The Congress must blame itself for this.

Why not they empower Dalits with power? Will Sonia and Rahul declare that the next PM of this country would be a Dalit? Will Rahul declare that he would not be the next PM but a Dalit, if he or other Congresmen are interested in Dalits? The Congress has never thought of a Dalit as PM all these 60 years. Will it do it now? I am doubtful.

A Srikantaiah

Ban injury prone players

Players like Sreesanth should be banned from playing cricket for India. The BCCI should not invest on players who are prone to injuries and squabbles,day in and day out, because such temperamental players are not available to play for the country when needed.

M Sharada Prasad

Work in tandem

The alarming flood situation has claimed the lives of many people and rendered hundreds homeless. As a damage control exercise, the desilting work in the rivers has to be taken up on war-footing in the coming days.  

Politicization of issues should not take precedent over the immediate need to alleviate the miseries of people suffering from unprecedented calamity. The Central and State governments should work in tandem to meet the challenge of flood fury.

V. Seetharamaiah

Diwali and Flood Relief

In view of the flood caused loss of life and destruction of animals, houses, crops, etc, all Bharatvasis should refrain from celebrating the coming Diwali. The money thus saved in not buying crackers, not eating sweets, not buying new clothes, not illuminating buildings, etc., should be donated toward flood relief and rehabilitation. Example in this regard should be set by political leaders, administrative heads, mathadhipatis and other elites.

Dr B Sridhar Rao