Construction of parking zone at Lalbagh put on hold

Construction of parking zone at Lalbagh put on hold

Construction of parking zone at Lalbagh put on hold

Following vehement protests by nature lovers and the Lalbagh Morning Walkers' Association, the Horticulture Department has put on hold the construction of a car parking zone inside the Lalbagh.

The Department had planned to convert the serene garden into a “honking zone” by constructing a parking zone in five acres at a cost of Rs 80 lakh.

The work had already commenced-- bylanes and pavements were created and huge quantities of construction material was dumped in the area.

The pace at which the work was accomplished gave an impression that the Horticulture Department wanted to finish the project before it could come under the public glare.

But the Department had to stop the work following the public outrage.
The Horticulture Department has now set up a three-member expert committee to look into the feasibility of the project. The three members will be an environmentalist, a botanist and a representative of the Geological Survey of India (GSI).

Speaking to Deccan Herald, K G Jagadish, Director, Horticulture Department, said the work would be resumed only after getting clearance from the expert committee.
He said only five acres out of 240 acres of Lalbagh was being utilised for car parking lot.
Ramesh Sharma, a frequent visitor to Lalbagh, criticised the department for the move and, said the proposed parking zone will reduce the city’s lung space.
“The government wants to turn Lalbagh into another Cubbon Park, where vehicle movement has been allowed.”

Another visitor Radhika Swamy said the project was a means to make “fast buck” by collecting parking fees from car owners.