M'lore varsity to start choice-based credit semester scheme from next year

M'lore varsity to start choice-based credit semester scheme from next year

The government has approved the draft statute governing the implementation of the the proposal of Mangalore University to introduce choice- based credit semester scheme for its post -graduate courses.

The draft statute has been approved by the Governor who is also the Chancellor of the university.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Prof K M Kaveriappa said the scheme will help the students to study inter-disciplinary courses. The university will be implementing the scheme from the next academic year as the classes have already commenced this year.

He said the mobility will be provided within a particular stream. Accordingly, arts student will not be allowed to choose science or commerce subjects under the proposed plan.
As a result, the student who is doing MA in Kannada can opt a subject from arts stream like Sociology, or Economics or History. At present, a student of post-graduate course in Kannada can not simultaneously study a subject of his choice from Economics or History.
But in the proposed scheme, it will be possible to study two subjects under certain conditions. Similarly, a student studying science stream like Chemistry or Bio science will not be allowed to study Journalism or History.

The inter-stream mobility will be allowed only when the university adopts ‘virtual cafeteria type’ of the choice-based semester scheme.
“We want to ensure that a student acquires at least 70 per cent knowledge of the primary subject and the rest of 30 per cent knowledge from the choice of the subject which he is studying.”

The choice-based credit system makes the product of the university at par with the global practices in terms of academic standards and evaluation strategies.