Plans aplenty for the festival

Plans aplenty for the festival

Plans aplenty for the festival

Bangaloreans say that there is more to Deepavali than just bursting crackers

There is something about festive seasons. The City wears a bridal look as almost every street is decorated with colourful lights. People are seen shopping for diyas,
flowers, gifts and decorative items for their homes.

They are also euphoric making travel plans or thinking of ways to celebrate the festival in the City. Metrolife speaks to some Bangaloreans to know their plans for Deepavali.

Nandini, who works for an online company says, “This is my first Deepavali after
marriage and I am very excited. Though, as grown-ups, we need to be environment-friendly, Deepavali is no fun without crackers. It is always associated with bursting crackers, so one cannot give up on that. There will also be a Lakshmi puja at home. When it comes to food, the menu will have Kajjaya. In the evening, there will be a get-together of family and friends.”

Many people in the City have plans to go back to their hometowns and celebrate the festival with their family.

Ashwani Deswal, a corporate trainer, says, “I am going back to Delhi for a week to celebrate Deepavali. We will decorate the house with diyas, have puja, and then party.

We will be exchanging gifts and in the evening, there will be music and dance. However, we make it a point not to burst crackers as it is not environment-friendly.”

Deepavali celebrations of senior citizens has always been the same. Children in the house burst crackers, whereas, the elders watch them joyfully. Sarala, a senior citizen, says, “To me, Deepavali is all about watching my grandson Abhay bursting crackers.
Every time the cracker bursts, there is immense joy on his face, I love watching him. And for a woman, the major work is in the kitchen. I will prepare kosambari, payasa, and the family’s favourite – holige.”

Reshma, a dancer, feels it is fun to celebrate Deepavali with friends.  She says, “First, I decorate the house with colourful lights and this time, there are many varieties of beautiful earthen lamps available in the market. After the puja at home, I will go to my friend’s house to burst crackers. I think Deepavali is incomplete without friends, for every small thing, we run to a friend, and at the time of festival, we cannot exclude them.”