'Pak won't allow micromanagement of its sovereignty'

'Pak won't allow micromanagement of its sovereignty'

Talking to reporters at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department soon after meeting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Qureshi said in his meeting with American leaders he has got a sense that the US is neither interested in micromanagement or trampling the sovereignty of Pakistan.

"I am very glad that they have no intentions of micromanaging Pakistan, nor will Pakistan permit micromanagement," Qureshi said in the joint press availability with Clinton.

"I am very clear in my mind that they have no intentions on trampling on Pakistan's sovereignty, nor will the government -– the elected democratic government of Pakistan -- which has a history, and this party that I represent has a history, has a background. Never will we allow any compromise on Pakistan's sovereignty," he said.

Referring to his meeting with Clinton, Qureshi said he is receiving very positive message from the Obama Administration of a long term commitment to the people of Pakistan.

"This administration is signalling care for the people of Pakistan. They want to invest in education and health and water and sanitation, democracy, and these are values that we uphold, values that we've been struggling for the last 10 years when we were not under a democratic dispensation," he observed.

Regretting that there is misinterpretation of the US intentions in Pakistan, Clinton said: "I am sure that with the help of the Pakistani press represented here we can reinforce the minister's words that this is a sincere effort put forth by our Congress with the full support of President Obama and myself to assist the people of Pakistan."

Clinton said: "We have many very successful Pakistani Americans, many of whom are dear and close friends of mine. They have come to our country and been very successful. We believe that people can stay in Pakistan and be very successful. And this government that the minister represents is committed to that path of development and democracy, and we are going to support this mission."