DC office, a study tour on water conservation

Preach with an act
Last Updated 15 November 2012, 18:17 IST

 A lot is being said about conserving greens and saving natural resources. Jathas, awareness campaigns, exhibitions, lectures et al explain the need to save earth from devastation, to meet the selfish needs of human beings.

Here is a unique way of ringing the alarm bells and explaining the gravity of the green concerns. The deputy commissioner’s office in Kolar City is a green bridage’s delight. A walk into the premises and one is sure to wake up to his conscious of doing his bit to save nature.

The messages are crisp and clear. Set up in bricks and mortar, the objects of art depict the importance of water conservation. Placards, signboards, artworks, drive home the message on the judicial use of water, advantages of rainwater conservation, rainwater harvesting, roof-top harvesting, saving greens, promoting nature, construction of soak pits, revival of groundwater, planting trees, saving every drop of water, revival of water bodies, etc.

Probably this is one of the best examples of setting up a permanent campaign on water conservation. The deputy commissioner’s office is now a crowdpuller. The compound walls have not been spared either. They are intelligently used to display tips on saving every drop.

A noble venture

The deputy commissioner’s office is often visited by a large number of public. If the messages leave an impression on the visiting public, the objective of the noble endeavour is achieved, says Kolar Deputy Commissioner Dr D S Vishwanath.

This was one of the means of driving home the message. The walls are blackboards which carry the messages for life. And the artworks on the premises are permanent demonstrations which explain the importance of water conservation. “My office is not just a government building, but a water conservation park,” Vishwanath adds.

The deputy commissioner has been a staunch believer of sustained development. In order to promote the message of saving water in a drought-stricken district like Kolar, he aptly chose his office premises to be converted into a model of water conservation.

Developed at a cost of Rs five lakh, the decades-old office is now resplendent in its best. Its premises, which once sported only Thorny bushes and wild vegetation, used to be spruced up only during national festivals.

After Vishwanath took charge as the deputy commissioner, he ensured that the premises was turned into a visitor’s delight. The district Nirmithi Kendra took up the task of installing iron grills around the garden. Saplings were planted and lawns were laid.

Benches were installed and paths were dotted with coloured bricks.

Thus, an all new manicured garden with a noble cause, has now become the cynosure of all eyes.

(Published 15 November 2012, 18:17 IST)

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