'I am on top of the world'

'I am on top of the world'

'I am on top of the world'

You can trust Pooja Gandhi to spring surprises. When Pooja got engaged to Anand Gowda on Thursday, the suddenness of the event was not to be missed. After all the Mungaru Male lass was on a comeback trail with ‘in-your-face’ portrayal in Dandupalya, not to speak of her rocking debut on the State political scene.

But Pooja was calm, as she flitted around in a deep reddish-pink bright sari with a golden
border. The jewellery was minimal and the make-up was not too loud.

The couple exchanged solitaire diamond rings, at her house in Kattriguppe, Banashankari on Thursday morning after an elaborate puja.

It was a very private affair with only the family members of both the boy and the girl. Veteran Kannada actress Padmaja Rao was the only person from the film fraternity who was invited for the engagement.

Interestingly, the menu comprised authentic Punjabi cuisine and the food was made at home by Pooja’s mother Jyothi Gandhi. However, more than 20 varieties of sweets were bought from shops. There were dahi vada, channa batura, rava halwa, ‘ghee rice’ and vegetable kofta. Unlimited saunf tea was also served.  

Padmaja, who has acted with Pooja in several movies, says that it was an emotional moment for her to watch Pooja get engaged.

“I wouldn’t want to call her a co-star,  she’s more like my daughter. Pooja’s mother Jyothi and I are close friends. It was a quiet affair because I think Pooja was keen to keep the intimacy of the event intact. The rings and garlands were exchanged in less than five minutes after an elaborate puja,” informs Padmaja.     

Talking about the food, Padmaja says, “Jyothi is a great cook and she makes some authentic Punjabi food. I enjoyed the food and the saunf tea about which I learnt of only in Pooja’s house.”  

Pooja’s fiance Anand Gowda is a divorcee. He is the only son of L C Ashok and Harinakshi Ashok and has an older sister Roopa. Anand is a businessman and a financier.

Pooja and Anand have been dating each other for some time. “It’s a love- cum-arranged marriage. I wouldn’t want to comment on how long we have known each other but I must say that this is a special moment in my life and I am feeling on top of the world,” Pooja tells Metrolife soon after the engagement.

Pooja is all set to resume work on Monday.

When asked if she would continue her career in films and politics, she says, “I will continue working in films and pursue my political career as well. Anand and my in-laws are very proud of me and my work. What I like most about Anand is that he doesn’t want to change anything about me.”

When asked about the wedding date, Pooja says, “The families will now have to sit and zero in on a wedding date. It will be only after Anand’s sister Roopa’s wedding which will happen soon.”        

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