Nothing uncertain about these boys

They are dramatic on stage while playing their genre of music and can easily blow the mind of music lovers especially those who are fond of rock music. With thundering drums, stunning guitar riffs and some powerful singing, it is their quest to be different from other rock bands. It is their urge to create complex rock compositions. As a result, ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ is becoming one of the most recognised bands in rock music fraternity today. Creating buzz with their performance at the ‘Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds Concert’ held recently at the Hard Rock Café, the City based band is ready to rock Mumbai next month. Leaving behind 150 rock bands from all across the country, ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ will compete with bands of Mumbai, Shillong, Chennai and Bangalore.

The band comprising Raghav Meatlle as the lead vocalist, Abhishek Rajan as lead guitarist, Nishant Kurup as rhythm guitarist, Siddharth Rajan as bassist and Keith Peter as drummer, came together with a view to form a band. Coming from different Delhi University colleges, the group had a common vision to create complex compositions which turned out to be successful at the IIT fest ‘Blitzkrieg 2011’.

“Winning Blitzkrieg was turning point. We competed with more than 100 bands and made our mark.  Our journey as a band started from this juncture. We were called by other universities,” says Raghav, who is a second year student of History, St. Stephens College.

Coming into limelight with their most popular songs Forever and the question, The Uncertainty Principle was born in 2010. As the name suggests the young members believe in composing compl­ex music. “The name was suggested by a friend. As we continued playing music, we realised we are more like what the band name says. Each song is like a story and you don't necessarily know which way it’s going to go. We try to make our compositions catchy and melodious so that our live performance enthrals everyone,” remarks Keith.

Still in their second year, the young artists aim to relea­se two albums in the coming five years and to get nominated for Grammy.

After six each day, the boys gather at one place and practice for the upcoming events.

The group is full of enthusiasm and confidence and is looking forward to participating in the finals of the ‘Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds Concert’ at Concert. While they are looking at a win here, the cherry on the cake is their nomination in the upcoming Ireland-based Rock Music Awards under the International rock bands category! Way to go, guys.

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