Women drivers are more responsible!

You must have witnessed many instances where the one on the driving seat accuses women of being bad drivers. Any jam or mishappening on a road invites the almost inevitable comment from the males, “Zarur koi aurat chala rahi hogi gaadi.” But what is this discrimination based on, considering that the maximum cases of drunk driving, over-speeding and accidents are caused by men? Don’t believe us, check out the statistics.

According to a recent report by Delhi Traffic Police, of 21, 600 drunken drivers who have been challaned in Delhi till date in 2012, only five were women! Yes, this is not a typo, it is factually correct! If you needed proof that women are responsible drivers, here it is.

Metrolife spoke to few women to get their side of the story. “I never drive after drinks. I know, I cannot handle the wheel. So, why should I take a risk with my life? I never advocate driving after drinking to my friends either. So, I have never been stopped by any cop till date,” says Sneha Kothawre, a freelance writer.

Kinnori Samaddar, a singer, shares her point of view. “The great statistic because it might be difficult to tipsy women and that is why cops don’t stop women drivers at night. More over cops give way to female drivers as they might think that we don’t drink and are always sober.”

So, either women are responsible drivers or they are just cleverer than men. “I am always accompanied by a male when driving late, or have two-three friends travelling along. I don’t see many drunken women drivers late at night but that could probably be because they are smart enough to avoid cops by taking a different route,” says Navjot Kaur, an air hostess.

While some girls are pretty cool about taking out the car after a night of partying, there are others who are always have a person in their group who is sober. “We have this friend of ours who does not drink. So, it is easy for us to depend on him at night to drop us back home,” adds Sonam Kelly, working with an ad firm.

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