Deadlock at Rangayana: Director Jayashree seeks 'long leave'

Deadlock at Rangayana: Director Jayashree seeks 'long leave'

Cites non-cooperation by artistes, delayed decisions in her note

Deadlock at Rangayana: Director Jayashree seeks 'long leave'

Sources at Rangayana said the director, who assumed her duties at Rangayana a little over two months ago, had submitted her leave note to the government quoting various issues - including non-cooperation by artistes and delayed decisions in administration.
Most of the artistes had riled against Jayashree and vice versa on many occasions, and this is said to have caused the rift between the director, who on many occasions, had said there were ‘no issues’ between her and the artistes. Just within a matter of few weeks, a note seeking ‘long leave’ has proved her own words otherwise.

Rangayana has not been free from controversies right from the days of Karanth, its first director. Subsequent directors have faced problems owing to difference of with artistes, and at times due to inconsistent monetary support by Karnataka government.
Temporary installation of the replica of poet Thiruvallavar’s statue - which was brought to be used in the tableau to be prepared by Rangayana during Dasara - sparked off a controversy, with outsiders entering the scene. While the director felt it was a ‘ploy’ by Rangayana artistes to bring disrepute to her, artistes maintained it was done following her instructions.


The artistes, most of whom have been part of Rangayana, claim they were subject to ‘humiliation’ by B Jayashree who served them notice - something that had not happened at Rangayana earlier. 

“The very concept of Rangayana stands on shaky ground. It is impossible to restrict creative persons in terms of space and time. Incidents of artistes not being found on campus during official hours of duty on various occasions had upset Jayashree. She sought an explanation from them, which was met with rude response. Both have turned completely unbecoming,” says an artiste on condition of anonymity.

Further, the artistes have complained that Jayashree spends too little time in Mysore as a director. But sources close to Jayashree say her plea to artistes regarding revival of old plays have met with lukewarm response. Hence, she has decided to stay away till the government arrives at a decision regarding starting theatre courses.

Only a discussion between both parties and a plan of action can save Ranganaya from plunging into history forever, but it does not seem to happen in the near future. As of now, Rangayana’s fate is hanging on an extremely thin line.