A College-on-wheels for DU students

A College-on-wheels for DU students

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A College-on-wheels for DU students

In what can be seen as an innovative way to make learning some fun, the Delhi University along with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is planning to introduce a ‘College-on-wheels’, where train berths will replace traditional benches in classrooms and classes will be held while on a train journey.

Though the idea is still in its nascent stages, both DU and IRCTC officials find it an interesting way to give students a slice of Indian life.

A new college that will run on wheels will be a different experience for Delhi University students for they will get an opportunity to get a glimpse of Indian cities in a unique way. Apprising about the new mobile college, Pradeep Kundu of IRCTC says, “The idea has been floated by Delhi University VC, Deepak Singh. 

The train will be converted into a usual college. There will be classrooms, libraries and accommodation on board. Around 1000 students will be a part of this mobile college who will get a first-hand account of culture and lifestyle of cities through which the train will pass.”

Interestingly, a semester system will be followed for the mobile college. With each semester a fresh batch of under-graduate students will be taken to different parts of the country.

This duration can stretch from three to six months and Delhi University students will have complete facility to stay, sleep and study on the train.  If sources are to be believed the mobile college will be part of the four year undergraduate course which is expected to start from the next academic session.

“Long journeys on trains can be troublesome and boring. But in order to make it interesting, the College-on-wheels will be equipped with internet facility and a common room. The train will be completely remodelled in such a fashion that students fruitfully utilise their time after attending regular classes and camping too,” says Pradeep.

The train will halts at various cities which are yet to be identified. “The idea was discussed few days ago. A framework has to be prepared regarding its total cost, design of the train and places to be included,” shares Kundu. Turning this concept into reality might be a Herculean task for both DU and IRCTC but it will give an exposure to students who want to explore their own country.