Home alone woman murdered

Home alone woman murdered

Valuables worth Rs 10 lakh missing

Home alone woman murdered

Robbers murdered a 33-year-old home alone woman and took away gold ornaments worth Rs 10 lakh and Rs 40,000 in cash from her house near Bommanahalli on Friday.

Zabina Taj, mother of two, was found dead with her hands and legs tied at her house on 9th Cross, Viratnagar. Her face was wrapped in a cotton towel that was used to smother her.

The murder is said to have taken place between 1.30 pm and 2.15 pm.

The family stayed on the ground floor of a four-storey building owned by them, the police said.

The police said that Zabina’s husband, S S Babu, and one of their sons had gone for the afternoon prayers, while the other son had been to school when the murder took place.

Although the family has claimed that cash and other articles worth Rs 10 lakh are missing from the house, the police did not confirm it to be a murder for gain.

 “I had left home at about 1.30 pm for prayers and returned by about 2.15pm,” the police said quoting Babu.

Zabina and Babu were married for 17 years. The family members said they did not suspect anyone.

The police said that they cannot rule out the involvement of persons known to the family. The dog squad and fingerprint experts could not provide any leads, the police said.