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Vineet is a music, movie and gaming buff — and he has transformed all these interests into a hobby. He has an amazing collection of action figures, both fascinating and varied.

passionate: Vineet with his collection.

The collection ranges from popular figures like Elvis Presley, Ozzy Osbourne and Kurt Cobain to superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and many more.

“I have over 70 of these action figures. The collection includes an exclusive one of Elvis Presley, all the editions of the Joker, John Lennon and the band members of ‘Iron Maiden’,” he says.

He added to his collection by asking his relatives and friends, settled in the US and the UK, to get him action figures when they visited India.

“I saw the figures online and asked my cousins to get them for me when they were coming to India. These figures are not available in India — so, I had to import them.

Later, I started ordering them online. Now, most of my collection has been
bought from various websites,” he explains.His friends have been helpful in expanding his collection and he has often exchanged his figures with the others.

“We keep exchanging — for instance, if I am no longer a fan of a particular celebrity,
I exchange my action figure with someone who would give me something interesting in turn.

There are many people who collect these figures and we keep sharing information about the latest ones in the market. I know many people who like to
collect figures. It was difficult to collect them earlier as they are expensive —
however, I can manage now,” he says.

The collection includes figures from various movies and sitcoms. There are also superheroes, musicians and gaming characters.

“I have characters from movies like ‘Scarface’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘ET’ and ‘Saw’. I also have Jason from ‘Friday The 13th’ and characters from other movies like ‘Predator’ and ‘Aliens’.

In the music category, I have the members of ‘AC /DC’, Ozzy Osbourne, Eminem, John Lennon and a whole range of Elvis figures. Superheroes from ‘Star Wars’, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Captain America’ and sitcom characters from ‘Family Guy’ ‘South Park’ and ‘The Simpsons’ are also a part of my collection,” he elaborates.

Vineet adds that he wants to increase his collection of action figures from the gaming world.

“I want to add more gaming figures to my collection. The biggest challenge is that these figures are not available in the country and getting them from western countries is a problem.

However, I always manage to get them,” he states.

While many might say it is strange for an adult to collect action figures, Vineet says it’s actually quite common.

“I have many friends who are into collecting action figures — in fact, it is quite
popular. Many stores in the City import and sell them.

It is not strange in any sense — it is more about passion,” he informs.

His collection is spread over two cities as he could not bring all of them to

“A part of my collection is in Jaipur and some of the figures are here in Bangalore. I have also started collecting various other things like star glares of various characters like superman and other characters now,” he sums up.

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