The Leafy English Lesson!

The Leafy English Lesson!

‘‘Good evening Miss!" kids greeted me very enthusiastically as soon as I walked in. I ran my eye over (to glance briefly at) the crowd that had assembled there. Anyone could see with half an eye (easily see) that they are all excited. That's because of the walk we would take in the garden today to eye (to observe) the wonders of nature. "Keep your eyes open, (to be especially alert or observant) there are lots of fire ants here" the gardener warned us as we started. "Does he also know that it is the usage of "eye" we are going to learn today?" Rachana asked and got an answer in affirmative. "I'm all eyes (to give all her attention to something) " she told Nikhita who was keeping an eye on (to watch over attentively) her little brother who followed her to LEAF class.

The gardener brought a big stick to scare two monkeys fighting  with an eye for an eye (revengeful) spirit. There was a little monkey eyeing (watching narrowly)  the fruit on the papaya tree while a multi-coloured butterfly caught our eye (drew  our attention). Being a rose-lover Medha had set her eyes on (to see longingly) a big beautiful red rose. "Take your eyes off of it, you can take it home today", hearing me she was all smiles. "She has eyes only for (appreciates no other flowers but roses) roses, miss!", Teju commented.

"Look at the size of thorns in this plant with pink flowers", Vaishnavi was pointing towards a weed with tiny flowers."One has to have an eye (to have the ability to appreciate distinctions in) for these pretty flowers",  Srihari remarked.  

I tripped over a stone and got hurt. This path way needs to be cleared of these sharp stones; "we can not shut our eyes (to refuse to consider) to this problem anymore" I told the gardener. After a hot summer day, this garden-walk, for sure, was a sight for sore eyes (a pleasant or welcome sight).  Also, this field trip opened our  eyes (to bring someone to a realization of the truth) to the hardships of gardening in a rocky place like Chitradurga.

We gave the gardener the eye (look with obvious admiration) for his colourful collection of plants. When I asked "Who will like to do this outdoor activity every month?", everyone's  hands went up with a glow in their eyes.  Teaching this LEAF class is the apple of my eye (more cherished than other classes) and all teachers see eye to eye with me about it. Keep an eye out for (watch for) our advertisement for teachers because we've an eye to (with a plan or purpose of) future expansion of these LEAF classes.

Sudha Srinath
LEAF program