All for a good cause

All for a good cause

Garage sale

All for a good cause

The ‘Bangalore Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba 2012’, that’s on till December 2, has a slew of events everyday. This is perhaps for the first time that the ‘Pride’ festival is having a week-long celebration. The ‘garage sale’ that was organised as part of the ‘Pride’ at the Alternative Law Forum, in the City recently, was certainly unique and grabbed a lot of

The one-day sale-cum-exhibition had clothes, decorative items, hand-made stuff, books, DVDs in English and Kannada, small key chains, wallets, accessories and jewellery — all these unused items were contributed by people as a fundraiser, towards the ‘Pride’ events and to the cause of transgenders. Most of the people who came for the event were those who really cared about knowing more and talking about the sorry state of transgenders in the City.

There were youngsters and a couple of expats as well as those who were curious to know what the sale was all about. Sowmya Reddy, a young volunteer, who has dedicated her time for the Pride events, says, “It is only at events like this that one gets a chance to talk about the problems faced by the transgenders.

This is an effort to create more awareness among the people about equality and appeal to the ordinary folk to give transgenders a place under the sun.” Sowmya hopes that the Pride March will not only attract a lot of people but those who come would genuinely lend their support to alleviating the state of transgenders. Rakshitha, another visitor, says, “I came along with a friend and I was curious to know what the sale was about.

It’s unlike the usual exhibitions and when it is done for a good cause then you feel like promoting it. I sympathise with transgenders and feel that they are being treated shabbily by the people, including the police. I have bought a couple of interesting things and hope the contribution reaches them.” There were among the visitors one or two expats as well. Derek, an expat from England who came along with  a friend, says, “Such things happen only in India and it’s nice that people have contributed old stuff, some very interesting. These things don’t look old at all.”The organisers of the event managed toraise almost Rs 20,000 at the end of the day.

“We don’t have many sponsors and we need a lot of money to organise and pull off the ‘Pride’ events successfully,” notes Sowmya.