Cop in soup over remarks on Rahul

Cop in soup over remarks on Rahul

The incident happened on Wednesday night when Gandhi was in Kozhikode on the last leg of his whirlwind day-long tour of college campuses in the State. Rahul who finished his last interaction programme of the day with students of Farooq College retired to the West Hill guest house around 9 pm.

With some time still left for his special flight to take him from Kozhikode, Rahul literally decided to “freak out’’ causing some anxious moments for his security sleuths. He had already stopped his entourage at a wayside eatery on his way from the college and had coffee and snacks catching onlookers unawares.

However, the 39-year-old VVIP decided to take in some cool air at the Kozhikode beach along with leaders of Kerala Students Union and Youth Congress. Within no time, Rahul and his group got into a restaurant near the beach and was tasting Malabar’s famous cuisine including fish preparations.

Several top police officials who had by then returned home were suddenly asked to rush to the beach and the site of the restaurant where Rahul was busy mingling with the crowd. It was then that Assistant Commissioner (south) C M Pradeepkumar ‘returned the compliment’ through the wireless. “Doesn’t he have anything else to do in the dead of the night. Where is the fellow located,’’ he said.

The message no doubt was a much milder retort considering the general standards of repartee that Kerala cops usually revel in. However, an enraged Youth Congress was up in arms on Thursday taking a demonstration to the police commissioner’s office in Kozhikode, demanding the suspension of the cop. With the visual media also playing up the ‘issue’, City Police Commissioner Sreejith was asked to inquire into the incident and submit a report.