Dealing with OCD

Whenever she tries to help me, I do the work all over again, which frustrates her.

Everybody has some or the other weakness. For example I have the weakness when it comes to saris.  The saris put on display in the market test my control power.

Being a weakling (for saris) I give in and enter the shop.  I hunt for a good sari but finally end up buying the one put up on display.  Later, at home I walk the ramp with my new favourite. 

I hardly can wait to see myself in that sari and rush to the nearest tailor with the sari and its accessories and ask the tailor to deliver the order as soon as possible.  The number of saris in my wardrobe is hardly any hindrance for the purchase.

In fact, till I haven’t bought the one that haunted my mind, I have even become depressed.  This, I have come to know, is my ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.’ 

While hanging the clothes after washing, I hang them in a particular order only.  If for some reason the order is changed, I feel restless.  So also, the art of folding the newspaper.  After reading, many people do not fold the paper at the fold-marks.

This renders the newspaper a very shabby look.  I take care of each and every fold and see to it that after folding, the paper appears almost untouched-like the way newspaper boy had delivered. 

Early morning, the milk packet plays a very important role in my life.   I hold the packet with the name in upright position and facing me and then give a cut at the right hand side upper corner of the packet. Then I pour the contents in a container.

I may buy any number of packets, but the cut has to be in the same place for each and every packet.

Folding the clothes is also a very tedious job.  If it is a towel then, first the ends have to be matched and then I press the fold with my palm and fingers so that the cloth becomes as flat as possible.  Then, the rest of the towel has is folded. 

 Similar is the case with folding a piece of paper on which I note down some important information.  For a particular grocery or any item I go to a particular shop only.  After all, patronage is also something!  The carry bags also have to be neatly folded and tucked away in the shelf. 

Many may call my habits as madness.  But I call them as bad habits. Because, I have not been able to cope with the servants, as I do not like their way of working. 

This leaves with me long tiring hours of household chores with little or no time for others and other work. I cannot take anybody’s help because I won’t be sure that they will do the work according to my taste. 

Many a times,  even my daughter fails to impress me. Whenever she tries to help me, I do the work all over again, which frustrates her.  She retorts saying that the clothes will anyway dry whether put in that order or not, which she finds is very sensible.
But this disorder can be overcome easily by making small changes in habits and trusting others. I have already started implementing changes for the good.

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