Aiming to be a professional

Aiming to be a professional

Book Launch

Organised by Penguin Books and Crossword, the intellect at the launch was provided by Subroto with the glamour quotient being given by the good-looking Kannada actor Chetan Kumar, who was in conversation with the author. The Professional is Subroto’s third book after The High Performance Entrepreneur and Go Kiss The World, in which the author provides his knowledge on what it takes to be a professional.

Personal experiences and tips in plenty, the book also provides an insight on the challenges faced by every professional. Subroto started the evening by reading out an excerpt from his book. He read the story of Mahadeva, a man who earns his livelihood by burying corpses. “I want to introduce the idea of who a professional is through a man whose life is dealing with dead bodies. Unclaimed dead bodies,” he read out from the book.

Subroto went through the success story of Mahadeva, whose son has joined him in the business today, and kept the audience captivated. The spectators had a pleasant surprise when they realised that Mahadeva was present amidst them as Subroto called the humble man on stage.

He also called actor Chetan on the dais. “When I asked Chetan to launch my book, people raised an eyebrow and asked me if I have gone so low on public relations,” laughed Subroto. “But Chetan is an unusual individual,” he said, as he spoke about the actor’s life in the US. “He came to India as a Fulbright scholar and has dedicated his life to the Sandalwood,” added Subroto.

When Chetan took the spotlight, the interest with which he spoke about The Professional made it evident that the actor had read the book thoroughly. “It’s not just a self-help piece with bombastic language. It’s a book for every individual,” said he. “A professional is someone, who not only enjoys success, but also brings it to the others,” he added.

“From sports to science to the Satyam scandal, he has discussed a whole gamut of affairs,” noted Chetan referring to the author. “Beginning with an anecdote that touches you, he goes on to analyse the situation,” he added. Later, Chetan asked Mahadeva on what has influenced him the most for which the man had just one reply, “I am proud to be a Kannadiga and this is my motherland.”