Indian worker kills self in first Dubai Metro suicide case

A 36-year-old Indian in an inebriated state committed suicide in Dubai Metro, in a first such case, throwing himself under a train after being refused by his employer from returning home.

"On Monday the Indian worker, who has been identified as H.U.M committed suicide on the track," said Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Deputy Chief of Dubai Police.

"The speeding Metro struck the man while he was lying on the track. Man was under the influence of alcohol and used the emergency fire exit to access the track," he said.

Mazeina said H.U.M was working in Dubai since 2010 and had asked his company to cancel his residency visa and send him back home. The deceased's body was beyond recognition and police took two days to identify him after one of his friends filed a missing report about him.

The man, under the influence of alcohol, used the emergency fire exit to access the track. The suicide took place on Monday, the first death in the railways' three years of operation.

"The speeding Metro struck the man while he was lying on the track," Mazeina said. "Despite the fact that all the ways to those exits are closed and very well monitored, the man managed to jump and go inside. The police, Road and Transport Authority are working on investigating the incident," he said.

The friend of H.U.M reported him missing a day before his death. "The friend told police H.U.M was depressed and unhappy because he wanted to go back home but the sponsor, for no clear reasons, was not letting him go so he would put an end to his life," Mazeina was quoted by Gulf News as saying.

"H.U.M complained to the Ministry of Labour to make his company cancel his visa. The company did cancel his visa but we are investigating why the company delayed sending H.U.M back home," he said.

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