Seeking direction for a happy marriage

Even though being ‘happily married’ may seem an oxymoron to most, it is true that there are some out there, attempting to bring happiness to their lives by any means. It isn’t enough to be catering to your partner’s needs, being more attentive to their requirements and ambitions anymore. Couples, increasingly are seeking the help of ancient sciences like Vaastu Shastra to ensure that life runs smoothly. A rising trend shows that couples who otherwise may be of scientific temperament, are turning to inexplicable ‘upaye’ if the measure will benefit them in the long run. In short, married couples are seeking the help of vaastu to set their houses in order.

Nature comprises the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space which keeps it balanced. Likewise, Vaastu believes that your home should also be balanced in terms of structure and decor.

Experts advice that since marriage ceremonies have moved from homes and temporary pandals to concrete buildings with large halls, specifically made for marriages, one should select a Vaastu compliant building to hold the ceremony. Hence, one must choose a marriage hall constructed on Vaastu principles.

Since the mandap is like a temporary temple set up to invite gods and goddesses to bless the couple, it too should be built in accordance to the Vaastu principles to ensure that it brings in positive energies and lays the foundation for a promising, fulfilling and happy-married life.

Khushdeep Bansal, of Mahavaastu group says, “If a couple is facing issues regarding understanding and cooperation then they should move their bed to West-South-West (WSW) zone. One should also keep in mind the marriage photograph. It should be hung in the South-West zone, which is the zone of relationship and bonding.”

To enhance love in your marital life, place a sculpture of a pair of love birds in the South-West direction. It is always beneficial to use light pastel shades like creams  in the bedroom. Such colours can also be used for curtains as they help bring clarity in conversations.

 Avoid reds and oranges in kitchens and toilets, which may be located in the South-West zone to ensure stability. Keep North-North-West, which is the zone of sex, balanced by avoiding red and pink colours.

To activate good effects in the zone of sex, place a sculpture of a pair of white horses there as they are a promise of high level of intimacy with your spouse.

“If marriages fail it is not because the couple decides to break laws of Vaastu but because the environment of the place where the marriage took place as well as the house in which they move in after marriage, is not conducive for the relationship to continue. Only if the couple and their respective families follow simple principles of Vaastu and remember its guidelines, can they come out of the most complex situations and continue to live with love and harmony forever,” sums up Khushdeep.

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