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The Forum for Teachers of Western Classical Music’, organised a piano concert by New Yorker Raj Bhimani, at St Mark’s Cathedral Auditorium, in the City recently.

Raj Bhimani

The artiste performed in front of an audience, who were truly amazed by his skills. He seemed to be transported to another world, enjoying each piece. Performing popular works by Beethoven, Brahms, Ravel and others, Raj did true justice to each note. Among the pieces that he performed were ‘Sonata in C Minor, Op 13’ by Ludwig van Beethoven, and ‘Piano Pieces, Op 119’ by Johannes Brahms. He brought sensitivity in each note.

After the interval, Raj performed ‘Three Preludes for Piano’ by Therese Brenet that included pieces ‘Vibrance (Vibrations)’, Le Chant d’un monde lointain (The song of a faraway world), and La Lumie’re et le cri (The Light and the Scream) Miroirs. Composer Therese Brenet, moved by Raj’s performance of her previous works, composed ‘To the West Wind’, ‘Never, Never More’ and Avec des éclats dorés d’éspérance, for him.  About the pieces that Raj performed at the event, he said, “These pieces are really important to me since they were especially written by Therese, for me. I feel a big responsibility when performing those pieces.”

The other pieces he performed included Noctuelles (Night Moths), Oiseaux Tristes (Sad Birds), Une barque sur l’ocean (A boat on the ocean), Alborada del gracioso (The comedian’s aubade), and La valle’e des cloches (The valley of the bells).
The pianist further talked about the other pieces that he performed.

“My teacher in Paris used to play Ravel’s compositions when I was a child, and I have an attachment to those pieces. I’m currently editing my next solo recording, which includes piano works by Brahms,” Raj said.

Prateeksha Christopher, a music student, present at the performance, opined about the performance, “Raj’s style is very eloquent, and his dexterity just amazed me. Being a student of music, and having been playing the piano for 12 years, I understand the complexities of each note and Raj excelled in all those different areas.”

Augustus Xavier, a private music teacher, was highly impressed with the different pieces that Raj performed. “The ‘Three preludes for piano’ was the really impressive part of the performance. I’ve been to many piano performances and never heard something so unique,” said Xavier.

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