'Only natural born Indian citizen should become Prez, VP, PM'

Only a natural born citizen of India should be eligible to hold office of President, Vice President and Prime Minister, a BJP member said in a private member's bill introduced in the Lok Sabha today.

Bhola Singh (BJP) sought an amendment to the Constitution for the purpose. His proposal was among the 47 private members bills introduced in the House.

Other bills introduced in the House sought creation of dedicated banks for financing technology and education, right to employment guarantee of 240 days for BPL families and daily needs and setting up more High Court benches in the country.

The Technology Bank of India Bill, 2012 was introduced by Arjun Ram Megwal (BJP) which sought to create a dedicated bank to promote research and development in the country by providing interest free loans to researchers.

The Education Bank of India Bill, 2012 was also introduced by Megwal, which sought creation of a dedicated bank for providing easy terms loans to students particularly for higher education.

Singh also introduced another Constitutional amendment bill to give right of 240 days employment guarantee in a year and essential items of daily use like fuel, milk, items of groceries and vegetable to people living below poverty line.

J P Aggarwal (Cong) introduced a Constitutional amendment bill seeking more High Court benches in the country for speedy delivery of justice.

Rattan Singh (SAD) also moved a Constitutional amendment bill seeking omission of the clause that shows that Sikh, Jain and Buddhist religions also fall in the definition of Hindu.

Some other bills introduced include Promotion of Small Family, Abolition of Begging Bill and Sanskrit Language (Compulsory Teaching in Schools) Bill.

After discussion on the Ban of Witchcraft Bill, 2010, it was put to vote and defeated. The bill was introduced by Independent member Om Prakash Yadav, who was not present at the time of voting on his bill.

During reply on the bill, Minister of State for Women and Child Development Krishna Tirath said government is awaiting the findings of a study to make law on this issue.

She said this bill cannot be passed because government would first examine the findings of the study being conducted and then draft a legislation.

She said it is tragedy that only women are called witch and punished and lamented that this practice is prevalent to deprive women of their right in property.

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