Mob mania marks kingsize convention

 If the massive turnout at the KJP rally is anything to go by, Yeddyurappa has succeeded in sending a strong message to the BJP and his rivals that he is a mass leader, even without the Lotus symbol and Sangh support.

According to conservative estimates, two lakh people had turned up in the town for the launch of the former chief minister’s party. It seemed as if a flood of people had inundated Haveri. Not all of them could reach the KLE Society’s G H College grounds, the venue of the rally as a large number of people remained stranded on the outskirts of the town, on the highways, causing gridlocks.

The narrow roads and bylanes of the town could not take the huge vehicular traffic. Hundreds of buses, vans and tempo travellers ferrying people to the rally venue could not enter the town. The organisers themselves had booked 500 buses to bring people from various districts to Haveri. It was estimated that 20,000 vehicles had ferried people to the rally.

The venue was jam-packed and the organisers could neither control the flow of people to the venue nor discipline them. The presence of the police made little difference at the venue. The enthusiastic crowd literally had its way: Supporters of Yeddyurappa vaulted over all the barricades and came near the dais to have a glimpse of their leader.

As too many lesser known leaders spoke on the stage, the crowd and fans of Yeddyurappa became restless. Youngsters, who had gathered in huge numbers, wanted to hear only Yeddyurappa and film actress Pooja Gandhi, who too was on the dais.
The LED screens installed at the venue developed technical snags, making the people restive. The convention began at around 10 am and it was 12 noon when Yeddyurappa came on the stage. By the time he spoke it was 2.30 pm, and the crowd seemed to have lost all patience.

When the situation seemed to be going out of control, Yeddyurappa himself stepped in to bring about order. His efforts too were in vain. He requested, pleaded and even raised his voice to make people sit and listen to the leaders. At one point, he said he was ready to even fall at their feet if that can calm them. Yeddyurappa tried to control the crowd thrice. Finally, he gave up.

The mediapersons were forced to vacate their seats in front of the stage as the crowd advanced closer.  

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