We will not allow Pak to play in B'lore: Muthalik

Sri Ram Sene Chief Pramod Mutalik on Tuesday opposed the forthcoming cricket match between India and Pakistan, in Bangalore.

Speaking to presspersons here, he said “we will not allow Pakistan to play in Bangalore. The match should be cancelled.” “We oppose Pakistan cricket team’s tour to India,” he said.

He even threatened to disrupt the match by calling for Bangalore bandh on December 25.
He alleged that both the Centre and state governments, instead of taking up the responsibility of providing security to people of the country, affected by terror attacks, are engaged in conducting such matches. In the name of watching the match, there are all possibility of terrorists entering the country, he said.

He called upon the Indian players not to take part in the match. “In case if the authorities allow India-Pakistan match, then we will forcibly enter the stadium and stage a protest,” he warned. Muthalik said “India-Pakistan matches were stopped for the last four years. Why they are re starting the match. About 132 persons from Pakistna have not returned to their home land after watching India-Pakistan match in 2007.”

On the pathetic roads in Kodagu district, he asked why the people have failed to get their guns to punish the politicians. “People in Kodagu are warriors. However, the people have failed to raise their voice against the deplorable condition of the roads.”

“I was tired of looking at the condition of the roads in Ponnampet,” he said.

“Corrupt politicians are responsible for the pathetic condition of the system. Those who have come to power taking our help have failed to look at us,” he said.

Gujarath Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Social activist Anna Hazare, Aravind Kejriwal, Lokayukta (retd) Justice Santosh Hegde are a handful of social workers who are not corrupt in the country. 

“We are supporting the statement of senior reseracher Prof Chidananda Murthy who has opposed the setting up of a university in the name of Tippu Sulthan in Srirangapattana. He has opposed the move after studying the history for several years,” he said/
Sene also flayed Tippu Foundation for filing a case against Prof Murthy.

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