Saying a little prayer

Saying a little prayer

Special Date

Saying a little prayer

The students and staff of St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science got together on Wednesday — on the occasion of 12.12.12 — to pray for world peace. The date is striking indeed and that’s why the college thought of celebrating it in a unique manner.

All the students and staff came dressed in white and showed their solidarity towards the cause. Says the principal, Fr Daniel Fernandes, “A date like this is a rare occasion. Hence, we thought of doing something different and noble. It doesn’t have to be big — but by collectively praying, we can bring so much inner peace to ourselves as well.”

So as the clock struck 12, the students assembled together under the big banyan tree that covers their quadrangle and listened to a small prayer in harmony. Soon — 12 minutes into the session, to be precise — everyone assembled, held hands and prayed for world peace with a minute of silence.

Steward, a student, says, “This was such a different experience. Seeing everyone come together the energy was so good.” Denise, another student, adds, “One doesn’t really need a particular occasion to observe a day of peace. This particular date is special and we will all remember it for the rest of our lives.”

The students made it a point to dress themselves in white, in honour of the occasion. “White is the colour of peace and it’s nice to see a different kind of Josephite spirit here today,” adds Ruchika, a student.  The event also saw Fr Ronnie Prabhu, the PRO of the Archbishop of Bangalore, addressing the students. He expressed his delight over the unique initiation.

“I have read so many instances of people trying out different things on this date — like deliverying babies, getting engaged, signing new deals etc. This date comes very rarely and it’s nice to see that the Josephites have decided to pray for world peace. One must cherish this, as it is something that cannot be repeated,” he sums up.