Ancient 10 Commandments to go online

Ancient 10 Commandments to go online

A digital version of a fragile 2,000-year-old copy of the Ten Commandments will be put online, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

The Nash Papyrus - one of the most significant religious documents in the world  - will be placed on the internet by Cambridge University.
It is among 25,000 new images made available by the university library.

Other manuscripts include one of the most remarkable ancient copies of the New Testament, The Codex Bezae, thought to date from the fourth century. Another important historic text that has been released is the tenth-century Book of Deer, which is widely believed to be the oldest surviving Scottish manuscript and contains the earliest known examples of written Gaelic, according to the Mail.

Cambridge is also beginning to release digital versions of its library's Islamic and Sanskrit collections, which include both secular and religious texts. The Islamic manuscripts collection includes some of the earliest surviving Qurans, while the Library's Sanskrit manuscripts cover all the major religious traditions of South Asia and include some of the oldest known manuscripts of key religious texts.

The Polonsky Foundation charity has helped to fund the digitisation of much of the new content on the website, the Mail added. It aims to make the world's intellectual treasures freely available to a global audience.

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