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Last Updated 14 December 2012, 13:26 IST

NU Cosmetic Centre was recently inaugurated at the Beams Hospital, Koramangala. The cosmetic centre aims at offering advanced cosmetic treatments in an aesthetic and affordable manner.

Girish Mehta, CEO of Beams Hospital, says, “With this new venture, the City and the country will see a very revolutionary change, with solutions that create minimal scarring and allow the person to go back home that very day.”

“Cosmetic surgery is not a luxury anymore. More and more people are choosing these options for better and rewarding jobs, improved careers and to feel confident,” says Marie Jenkins, sales director of NU cosmetics, UK. “Today, men and women alike want to look and feel beautiful on the inside and outside.

And now with such good rates, it is a possibility for anyone,” she adds. Niraj Mangalam, CEO of NU Cosmetic India, says, “Quality clinical care is the need of the hour, as more and more people are interested in such treatments. These solutions give them assurance that they are in safe hands.”

Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi, who inaugurated the centre, comments, “There are a lot of misconceptions about cosmetic surgery — one being that if one’s gone through such a surgery, they’ve ‘gone plastic’. This effort will definitely address many of those misconceptions. There’s nothing wrong about feeling confident.”

 Ragini adds, “Everyone wants to be happy and if such options boost one’s self-confidence and make them feel good about themselves, then this is a much-needed change.”

(Published 14 December 2012, 13:26 IST)

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