IOC writes to federations to assess Indian scenario

Govt interference, legal actions to influence world bodies moves

After suspending the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for government interference, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has now recommended to the international sports federations to investigate their respective national federations in the country and revert with a feedback. 

The world body, though, stressed the international federations remain “independent in their decision-making.”

In a letter addressed to the president and secretary- general of the federations, the IOC explained that it was writing the letter after requests from various international federations for “guidance” to approach the suspension of India in a “coordinated and consistent manner, as far as possible.”

The world body described the situation of the Olympic Movement in India “very complicated due, in particular, to a combination of several factors such as government interference, legal actions before the local courts, lack of good governance in some cases etc”  and listed its recommendations based on these factors.

The IOC has asked the federations to “carefully examine” the situation of its national federation on the grounds that whether it was “affected by government interference in its internal operations (and the potential implications of the “Sports Code” and/or any other government regulations over the national federation);

“Whether the national federation is in a position to exercise its activities in accordance with its own statutes, the regulations and the basic principles which govern the Olympic Movement;
“Whether the national federation complies with the basic requirements of good governance.”

The IOC also asked the federations to make thorough investigations and assessment of the national federations and take appropriate action based on it.

“Depending on the result of the investigation and the assessment made, to consider any appropriate action or measure, if necessary, in order, in particular, to protect the autonomy of its national federation in India and/or to ensure that the national federation complies in all aspects with the requirements,” IOC wrote.

“We would appreciate it if you could keep us informed of your respective positions in relation to this situation and of any potential measures or actions you might take (or have already taken) vis-à-vis your respective federation in India.

The IOC Executive Board had suspended the IOA on December 4. It followed by writing that IOA was “aggravating” the situation after it went ahead with its elections despite world body’s objection.

India is already facing the heat of suspension with International Boxing Federation suspending the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation following IOC’s action as well possible manipulation of elections.  However, a few federations like  International Association of Athletics Federations, World Archery Federation and international hockey federation have refused to take any action against national federations.

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