Spirited display of talent


There was palpable energy in the air — with the youth completely plunging into the competitive mode, it could not have been otherwise. Loads of fresh talent came alive at the annual Mount Carmel College fest, ‘Cul Ah’.

This year, ‘Cul Ah’ was based on the theme of ‘Cultura’, meaning an amalgamation of world cultures. The three-day cultural, academic and artistic fest had more than 60 colleges participating. Day one kickstarted with Western music and dance, setting the tone for what was to follow. The events — which were performed to a packed audience — included free-style, street and western dances. 

Although it was a competition, the students were seen enjoying themselves. It was like they were at a carnival and it is this spirit, say most students, that drove them to push themselves to perform well in the events.

Rahul, a first-year student at Christ University, who participated in the Western dance category, feels that fests like this give students the courage and confidence to face a large crowd. “The crowd is amazing. More than the background music, the dancer gets enthused by the crowd. There is no rivalry and people cheer, irrespective of which college you belong to,” says Rahul.  Apoorva, a first-year MCA student, adds, “Participating in fests teaches you managerial skills and you really learn how to organise yourself and take responsibility for what you do. You learn to give your best — even under pressure.”

Jonathan, a second-year BCom from St Joseph’s College of Commerce, who participated in the western solo category, says, “The quality of the fest is incomparable. ‘Cul-Ah’ offers you the perfect atmosphere, both in terms of entertainment and competition.”  

The student union worked tirelessly to make sure the fest went well. Student union president Gayatri Kunte says, “Through our fest, we try to create an atmosphere of true creativity and passion, where everyone can discover what it means to truly be a part of a cultural melting pot.”

Says Kulsum Ameen, student union cultural secretary, adds, “‘Cul-Ah’ is a tremendous forum for creative expression and academic achievement. It has helped forge bonds of lasting friendship and inspires the passion and spirit we all carry within us.”

Principal Sr Juanita, who was seen having a good time with the crowd, says, “There is so much energy in the air and more than a competition, students seem to be having a good time. There’s more participation this year.”

N Mithilesh, who choreographed this year’s fashion show around the theme of ‘Cultura’, explains he used eco-friendly material. The clothes were designed and created by Chetan R A, the base material being muslin — which is eco-friendly — and a small amount of georgette.

“Unlike last year, Chetan stuck to black and cream which had a splatter of poster colours, making it funky. Vikram Mittal the make-up artist, was inspired by honeycombs. He kept the eyes gold and the lips bold with red to complement the red shoes,” explains Mithilesh.

The show opened with a contemporary dance, which set the mood for the models to walk the ramp. 

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