Another Dalit lover gets murdered for 'family honour' in UP

 A Dalit youth was allegedly killed by the family members of his lover in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur district for the sake of ‘family honour’.

Rinku, 22 was asked by his lover’s family to come to their home in Haliyapur village on the pretext of discussing their marriage.

The unsuspecting youth was beaten to death there and his body was thrown in the fields later.

According to reports, Rinku was having an affair with the girl for the past few years.

The family members of the girl did not approve of their relationship and had warned the girl and Rinku on several occasions to break up, but they continued to meet.

On Saturday, one of the girl’s family members, as per a planned conspiracy, told Rinku that they had agreed to their marriage and wanted to discuss it with him. He was asked to come to the house.

They caught hold of the youth when he visited them and killed him.

Police recovered Rinku’s body from the fields on Sunday morning after being informed about by some villagers.

A case has been registered and the police were on the look out for the alleged culprits.

A few days back a Abdul Hakim, who had married his lover against the wishes of her family members and the dreaded khap panchayat, was shot dead in Bulandshshar district.

Several lovers have been killed in the past in UP, especially in the Jat dominated western region for defying their families.

The all powerful khaps, the caste panchayats, have made it clear that they will not allow love marriages and marriages in the same gotra.

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