A new gateway to unexplored cultures

A new gateway to unexplored cultures

Enlightening Exhibition

A new gateway to unexplored cultures

The campus of St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science was brimming with fresh vigour at a cultural exhibition, organised recently by the college’s North East and Tibetan Students Forum (NETSF).  The excitement was evident as the students put up stalls and displayed various items that informed the local students about their culture.

 From the beating of the maadal (a traditional drum from the hills) to the fluttering of Mishmi shawls and khadas (Tibetan garlands), the exhibition had a bit of everything from Darjeeling, Sikkim and Tibet.

It also exhibited some rare hand-printed and woven art works as well as other indigenous objects and instruments, which the students explain are rarely used anymore.

There was a lot of colour on campus, with students dressed in their traditional attire while the folk tunes filled the corridors of the college.

The great thing about the exhibition was that it allowed other students to be a part of the culture of North East and Tibet. 

Principal, Fr Daniel Fernandes, comfortably posed for photographs with the students and was impressed with the exhibition.  He says, “The North-Eastern and Tibetan students add colour to the campus and it’s in understanding and honouring their rich culture that we seem to truly be able to respect one another.”

Apart from this, there was also a small photo exhibition. Babitdor, a first-year student, says, “I really liked the exhibition. It was a real feast for the eyes and reminded me of my home.” The students from NETSF were not only happy that they got a platform to showcase their culture — they were also thrilled with the turnout of other students and the response they got for holding something like this.

Laxana Subedi, a student, says, “Ever since its advent in 2003, the forum has been working towards bringing the City closer to the unexplored cultures of the our regions.”

And it seems that through events such as these, this is exactly what they are doing.