Voter turnout in Guj gives rise to pro-incumbency factor: Modi

Buoyed by the impressive voter turnout in the second and final phase as well of the Assembly elections, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today said the impressive percentage will force political experts to consider "pro-incumbency" factor in their discussions.

"This is the record polling after the formation of the state. We have a popular term in anti-incumbency but after this state elections, political pundits will have to adept and
discuss the term pro-incumbency," Modi said here tonight.

"People of the country wants good-governance, development and sincerity, and people of
Gujarat have voted for it," Modi said expressing confidence of his victory in the polls, counting for which will be held on December 20.

Modi was speaking after the 70 per cent voting was recorded in the ultimate phase of Gujarat elections.

A record 70.75 per cent of the eligible voters cast their ballots in the first of the two-phase elections last Thursday with the average polling being a little over 70 per cent. The highest polling recorded in the previous Assembly elections was 63.70 per cent in 1967.

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