A satire on young generation


For the theatre lovers it was a treat to be part of the recently concluded second edition of Pratibimb Natya Utsav. What grabbed the attention of the audience throughout the week was a mix of plays dealing with serious social issues; monologues and comedies showcased during the festival. However, one of the plays that will remain etched in our memories for long will be Darogaji! Chori ho Gayi.

Rangbhoomi came up with Darogaji!..., a satire revolving around the materialistic desires of today’s youth. Written and directed by JP Sharma, the play depicts the rising trend among the younger generation which seeks to fulfil its worldly desires without being concerned about the family’s reputation. The play simultaneously also comments on corruption in bureaucracy.  

Bhupen Joshi aka. Babu Sharma, goes to visit his in-laws but is shocked to hear about a robbery in his own house. A clerk by profession, Babu has left Rs 20,000 rolled up in old socks inside a washing machine. But finding himself the centre of attention, both with the media and cops, Babu states that the stolen amount was actually 50,000, quite unprepared for what might follow. The well-publicised announcement brings home the thief, Deepak - otherwise an engineering student who likes maintaining an expensive lifestyle!

Played by Deepansh Sharma, Deepak arrives at Babu’s place to not just accept his crime, but also to point out that Babu is lying about the actual amount, harassed as he is by his senior in college who has encouraged him to commit the crime in the first place.

As the confusion gets sorted out between the two, its the turn of the cop Loha Singh to arrive and do his bit. Portrayed by JP Sharma, the soft-hearted and comic Loha Singh resolves the situation is his own way and makes way for a happy ending. “The play,” said Sharma afterwards, “is based on a true incident that I came across in a newspaper one morning.”

A tight script and good dialogue delivery by all the actors made Darogoji... very entertaining and a special mention is due for Bhupen Joshi, whose expressions made the play realistic. 

The festival also offered some fresh and never-seen-before plays and included performance from groups like The Performers from Rajasthan;  Aakar Kala Sangam from Delhi and the Alhaad group from Mumbai.

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