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Adventure Sports

There is a lot happening on the art and musical fronts in the City but nothing for adrenaline junkies.

Global Recreation and Adventure Sports Symposium (GRASS) 2013, to be hosted at the Bangalore Palace from February 15 to 17, aims at promoting adventure sports and tourism industries in the City.

“Adventure sports are divided into two segments according to the intensity of the activity. There is hard adventure, which is mountaineering, caving, rope-climbing; and there is soft adventure, which is canoeing, cycling, horseback riding, safaris, bird watching, and more,” said Srikantadatta Narasimharaaja Wadiyar, the chief patron of the symposium. 
This conference’s central theme is ‘The emergence of adventure sports tourism as a niche market’, and it’s aimed at bringing the global adventure sports community, academicians, government, professional adventure federations, business players of the adventure tourism market to discuss growth and promoting of these sports in the country,’’ added Srikantadatta.

“We know that people are worried about the risk factor, and I can personally vouch that there is no risk in such sports. People wouldn’t have to go abroad to enjoy these sports. We will have the best of the team here, with all required facilities to handle any situations, when we have the facilities up,” said Maya Pranesh Rao, national executive committee member, National Adventure Foundation.

This three-day conference will have technical sessions, panel discussions, and cultural activities and will deal with topics like ‘Adventure sports tourism’, ‘Role of government organisation in promoting adventure tourism’, ‘Role of NGOs in adventure tourism’, ‘Role of latest tourism policies and implementation’, ‘Challenges and issues’, ‘Case studies with selected organisation view’ and more.

   This symposium is aimed at professional organisations, institutions imparting the practical training in the field of adventure tourism, adventure sports organisers and others alike. For details, call 8050099460.

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