Today's letters

Today's letters

Address disparities


We are back to the debate on a cap on private sector salaries. The government should have no role in setting limits on the salaries paid by the private sector to its employees.

However, the private sector in co-ordination with its shareholders and industry associations should come through on a voluntary basis to limit salaries of its employees as part of its social consciousness and responsibility. In a country like India where there are large income disparities and over 40 per cent of the population hovers near or below the poverty line, taking home huge salaries is not the done thing.

S Kamat

Shocking decision

It is shocking that the Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the leader of a country which is orchestring wars in small countries and killing people daily with highly sophisticated weapons.

It appears that the award has been granted for the posturing and promises that he has made. He is yet to fulfill even one of the major promises that he has made.

But, nothiing much can be expected from a group which never thought it fit to award the Prize to the apostle of peace Mahatma Gandhi.

Kenneth Gonsalves

Police reforms needed

The recent killings of policemen on duty by naxals brings into sharp focus the need for police reforms. Naxals get sympathy from people who do not get proper protection and justice from the police under the present dispensation. A reformed police force would instill confidence in the rule of law. Consequently, such extremist elements would not get support from the common people.

N V Aswathanarayana

Kudos to BSY

The Chief Minister’s padayatra to raise donation has got a good response from people of all walks of life.  Perhaps BSY is the first Chief Minister to take up personal interest to approach the people and request them to donate liberally to help the affected victims in North Karnataka.  May he succeed in his mission!

H P Murali

Dishonest politicians

While we were happy to learn from your columns that our elected representatives have opted for economy class in their air travel, this solace was very short lived, as a leading English news channel put out a very disturbing news item a couple of days back that these elected representatives harassed the air crew to upgrade them "on the sly" to business class.  To what levels can these people stoop is just unimaginable. Is there no way for them to be honest to the common man who elected them?