'Root out ragging from college campus'

'Root out ragging from college campus'

Addressing the ‘awareness programme and zero tolerance to ragging’ at NITK Surathkal on Sunday, Dr Devaraj said that the gruesome instances of ragging that has happened in the past only make us retrospect if we are heading on the right path.

“Ragging is nothing but a sort of perversive pleasure, which should not be tolerated at all. Though cases of ragging are comparatively lesser in the Southern parts of India, it is higher in the North,” he observed and added that ragging is like a vicious circle as the freshers who are ragged by their senior vehemently do the same to their juniors.

“Everyone should take up the responsibility of rooting out such practices completely. Firstly colleges should come forth to see to it that the students who rag the juniors are punished as ragging has been declared as crime,” he said and informed that SDM College has come up with various programmes to see to it that junior students are made comfortable in the college.

He said that colleges should hold ‘ice breaking’ programmes so that the students make friends with each other. Presiding over the programme, NITK Director-in-Charge G K Shivakumar said that the programme has been organised in NITK with an aim of spreading awareness among the students against ragging.  

Students from NITK Surathkal, NMAMIT, Nitte, Mangalore, Sahyadri Institute of Technology, Srinivas Institute of Technology, St Joseph College of Engineering, S D M College of Business Management took part in the event.