Covering up in style

One garment that seems to has caught everybody’s attention and is practically a must have in any wardrobe now, are leggings in different colours, materials and prints. All of a sudden, leggings have gone from being something you wore at home or maybe under a skirt, to being a regular, primary, piece of clothing.

Originally leggings were two separate garments, one for each leg! However, better sense has prevailed since and it is now a single one. Manufactured from lycra, nylon, cotton or polyester, leggings are also made from wool and silk. They are available in many shades and designs and can be worn either exposed or more traditionally – partially covered by a garment such as a short skirt, an over-sized Tee, woollen pullovers, kurtis or full-length kurtas or under full-length skirts or as warmers too when temperatures take a downward slide.

But using them as warmers is really not the idea of leggings now. They are being sported essentially to accentuate shape of one’s curves. It does not matter if you’re size 0 or 12, leggings cover it all. But it is also true that leggings worn with longer kurtas or a shirt two sizes large look more refined.

According to Amit Talwar Trekaaya, a Delhi-based fashion designer, leggings are quite the in-thing. “They look chic and can be worn with all type of western ensembles. Different designs and patterns make them easier to don. For a tall girl, leggings enhance the leg with shorter dresses and also act as a protection from the chill.” Another designer Gautam Gupta seconds Amit and adds, “One can also wear a leg warmer with leggings to feel more cosy.”

Printed leggings with single-coloured tunics, long coats, long jackets or coloured leggings with cardigans look smart. A simple dress can also be enhanced with fur socks and ankle-length boots pulled over leggings. Your wardrobe must have fur socks in black, white, brown and red.

Adding to the variety are jeggings, a recent variant. Jeggings are leggings that take certain attributes from jeans - like colour, style and particularly a coloured seam down the side. It thus is a mixture of the two and hence explains creation of the term ‘jeggings’.

Some styles have even taken the jeans-like look to lengths such as adding of faux pockets and faux zips to add to the look.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get your pair today!

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