Have you resolved to make a resolution?

Most of us are ready with a list of ‘New Year Resolutions.’ For some, these relate to career, while for others it concerns health, family, marriage or money. Some are passovers from last year, while many are ‘fresh resolutions’ for 2013. Whatever they may be, knowing others’ resolutions always makes for an interesting read. Metrolife therefore went out to ask the youth of Delhi what they are aiming at in 2013.

As always, shedding weight (read looking more beautiful) and saving money, tops the list of women. Yashi Malhotra, a young banker, says, “I have been trying to join the neighbourhood gym, diet and walk for years but none of it has worked. This year, however, I am determined to lose flab. I am going to start with a small but realistic step – taking the stairs, and not lift, in office. I hope it will go a long way in helping me shed weight.”

On the other hand, Preeti Verma, a journalist says, “My parents have been pushing me to save at least something from my salary every month. Unfortunately, all of it is spent in shopping or going out with friends. I have resolved that I’ll have a minimum one lakh rupees in my account by the end of next year. I only hope I have not set my sight too high.”

Samriddhi Sinha, a young lawyer, has an unusual resolution. “At any cost, I will not get married this year. My parents have been looking for a suitable match for me and flooding me with biodatas and photographs but this year I just want to concentrate on my career and enjoy being single,” she says.

Jayshree Majumdar, an IT professional, is looking for a way out of her ‘monotonous’ job. She says, “I am good at my work of coding development but sometimes it does get boring. I am good at writing, and this year, I have thought of essaying some short stories, novellas, probably contributing to some magazines, to find a way out to break this monotony.”

As concerns guys, quitting smoking, as usual, figures on top of their minds. Ishan Chawla, a graphic and web designer, says, “I have been reading these posters and seeing TV ads, which say that smoking causes cancer, and it has been worrying me. So this year, I’ll try and lessen the number of ciggies I smoke every day and kick
it finally.”

A rather cute resolution comes from Abhishek Bose, a real estate consultant. “I have just started to help my father in the family business and have ample free time in the evenings. All of it, though, I tend to spend time with my friends as a result of which my mother has been complaining that I don’t help her with household work.”

So this year, I have resolved to help her as much as possible with household chores and keep her happy. After all, my parents are getting old and need my company at this time.” Let’s hope that all of these resolutions are kept
and fulfilled!  

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