Creative cuts to chocolate

Creative cuts to chocolate

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The very thought of it might tickle one’s taste buds. Master Chocolatier, Jean Marc Bernelin mesmerised the City with his vivid presentations on the world’s favourite chocolate recently. He made a beautiful chocolate showpiece which consisted of chunks of chocolates in various sizes and shapes.

The chocolate showpiece was made up of different types of chocolates like white, dark, milk and normal chocolate. The base of the showpiece was made from dark chocolate and a part of the foundation was made from milk chocolate. He started making the showpiece by melting dark chocolate, added cocoa butter powder to it and made a fine paste out of it. It made any mouths water.

After having made the chocolate paste, he put it in different moulds and after it got moulded, he stuck each piece part by part with the help of a freeze spray and finally gave it a beautiful shape. Anjana L, an onlooker who is a home-maker, says, “The showpiece looks really good. I did not know that such things could be made out of chocolate and that too so easily. By looking at the way he made all this, I also learnt something.”

“While Marc was making the showpiece, he gave the crowd various tips on how to make good chocolate and also taught them various tricks of chocolate-making. He also spoke about various benefits to one’s health by consuming chocolate. The best part of the show was that he just conjured the showpiece on the spot.

After the chocolate showpiece was given a good and final shape, chocolate syrup was sprayed on milk chocolate, this gave the piece an exceptional and attractive look. A gold sprinkling was also done on the piece to add a finishing touch.